PetanqueNXT – Smart Technology

Smart Tech Crash Course

Whether you are new to automating with Smart Technologies or have a number of successful use cases under your belt, this practical course on the basics of best-in-class Smart Technologies will take your digital transformation results to a whole new level. We look at the Smart Tech landscape and show you how to simply, yet reliably, select best fit technologies that are relevant to business in a post-lockdown economy.

PetanqueNXT – Smart Technology

Smart Tech Master Class

Learn the secrets of how to avoid hype and recognize Smart Tech that delivers real results. In this 3-hour workshop we deep dive into the real value-for-money gems in the Smart Technology landscape. We show how each has changed industries and what to expect from future trends. Featuring experts in the field.

PetanqueNXT – Smart Technology

Smart Tech 1:1 Exec Coaching

For executives and business owners who like to learn from 1:1 coaching, our C-suite experienced coaches share successful digital transformation strategies directly with you as and when you need it. The program will equip you with the knowledge to take back control and lead your company’s digital transformation on your terms. Stay abreast of the latest Smart Technologies and their practical application in everyday operations.

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