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Today digital innovation fuels profitable growth. Work with us to thrive in this new era.

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What we do

We simplify your digitalization pathway by guiding you to the right Smart Tech tools and matching you with the expertise you need.


Whether you need a quick consultation about digitalization or more comprehensive monthly support, we’ve got options to suit your business needs.


Tech To Go

Not every problem needs an entire digital transformation. Solve isolated process problems with our micro intervention ready-to-go Smart Tech tools.



Get on the fast-track to digitalization with an end-to-end digital transformation project delivered with you by our team of experienced professionals.


Team Upskilling

Upskill your team with a live training session or an online workshop where you’ll learn about digitalization and how to achieve high Smart Tech ROI.



Are you a digital transformation expert? We’re always interested in adding Smart Tech experts to our database and would be happy to hear from you.


Digitalizing your Business

A Quick Guide

Are you ready to digitalize your business? What are the steps for bringing Smart Tech into your operations?

Download this Quick Guide for a step-by-step overview of what you need to pay attention to.

How we work

Transforming your business to thrive in a turbulent economy can be overwhelming. What Smart Tech is worth investing in? Where do you find trusted information and reliable comparisons? How can you side-step the tech hype and make fact-based decisions?

We’re here to support you as you integrate your people and processes with Smart Tech system solutions. We offer expert advice that’s driven by a tech-agnostic approach – we believe that each situation is unique and therefore deserves its own considered solutions.

This is how we work.


Click the “GET IN TOUCH” button below to share the broad strokes of your digital transformation challenges.


We’ll follow up with a call to delve into the detail and get a clear sense of your goals.


We’ll share the best options to consider for addressing your challenges, ensuring a simplified pathway to reaching your digital transformation goals. Together we’ll sketch out your next steps and decide upon a best course of action to ensure ROI on your Smart Tech investment.


1-Hour Consultation

Book a one-hour call with us to get expert advice on bringing digitalization to your company.

We can talk about the pitfalls to avoid, best options to consider, or deep-dive into your biggest challenges with digital transformation.

Your hour, your questions.

Digitalization Manager

Retain one of our experienced digital transformation managers for a few hours per month to:

  • be your trusted Smart Tech advisor;
  • help you manage the digitalization journey; and
  • support you with transformation challenges.
PetanqueNXT – Smart Technology

Smart Tech Expertise

Retain one of our Smart Tech experts to support you in one of these specialized areas:

  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Intelligent Optical Character Recognition
  • AI
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  • Blockchain Technologies

Smart Tech To Go

Configurable Pre-Built
Multi-Task Bots

  • Human Resources Management Bots
  • Digital Marketing Bots
  • Business Information and Reporting Bots
  • Finance Bots
  • Service and Help Desk Bots
  • Internal Audit Bots
  • And more

Configurable Pre-Built
OCR Solutions

  • Digitize scanned physical documents, such as invoices, for automated transaction processing.
  • Digitize screen and web images for automatic data processing.
  • Digitize photos and signatures for identity verification.

Configurable Pre-Built Blockchain Networks

  • Smart Contracts
  • Track n Trace Solutions
  • Digital Currencies
  • The latest practical blockchain applications


Digital Transformation

Your Digital Transformation Blueprint

Engage our digital transformation design team to:

  • conduct your digital transformation Readiness Assessment;
  • design your digital transformation Blueprint;
  • develop your transition road map; and
  • prepare the business case.

Digital Transformation Projects DONE FOR YOU

Achieve your digital transformation objectives in the shortest time possible. Contract us to:

  • design a digital transformation Blueprint;
  • develop your business case;
  • ensure agile project delivery with change management; and
  • execute your organisation re-design.

Digital Transformation Projects DONE WITH YOU

You’ve appointed your own internal digital transformation team. Engage our experts to:

  • work with you on your digital transformation project;
  • get guidance on best practices; and
  • use our experience to avoid the common pitfalls of digital transformation efforts.