Live Demo

While automation is not new, Smart Process Automation is. And its rapidly gaining in popularity across many industries. What makes it so Smart? Traditional automation requires custom scripting that can cost tens of thousands of Euros. Smart technologies use low code / no code visual drag and drop actions which means any type of business of any size can automate all processes within a single framework, quickly and safely. That’s why businesses are so excited about employing Smart technologies like software robots. See for yourself how software bots can streamline your processes for accuracy and speed with a live demo.
Your live demo will include:

  • Discussion around your organization’s current challenges and requirements
  • A live demonstration
  • Plenty of time for questions

Custom Demo

You’ve seen the demos and the free trials. But you are curious to see exactly how no code / low code smart process automation can be used for your unique business processes. After all, you are in R&D and manufacturing, not in the back or front office. See smart process automation in action in your specific context with a custom demo. Your custom demo will include:

  • A process discovery discussion about your unique process
  • A live custom demonstration that shows how your unique process can be automated
  • Plenty of time for questions

Proof of Concept

You have a specific business process to optimize or a specific business problem you wish to solve but this requires the input from a number of key stakeholders such as cross functional process experts, process owners and decision makers. Let us take you and your stakeholders on a voyage of discovery to see how Smart Automation projects are deployed in the real world environment of your own business. You will all benefit from taking no-code / low-code Smart Automation for a test drive to automate a real part of your business that will solve a very real problem over a maximum of two sprints.

Single Focus Smart Automation

You know exactly where your biggest pain point is and you wish you could automate just that one problem area, and pronto! But you worry about the dreaded volumes of business requirements specifications you will have to author just to describe your pain in a way that an automation specialist will understand. With modern visual, drag and drop process design tools, we help you to see right into the heart of your problem area and provide you with an automation-ready map of your task. Then we help you to rapidly deploy your smart automation on your very own software robot right on your desktop. With your biggest pain point gone you and your robot are ready to tackle the next problem with over 700 hundred pre-built drag and drop automation tasks for your robot to tackle right from your desktop.

Scale-up Smart Automation

We eliminate the #1 challenge of scalability, unlocking full automation potential, at 5x more value than other robotic process automation solutions. Our robots are enterprise-grade digital workers that offload, support, and augment existing business processes and workflows. That means you don’t have to lose any of your current automation. You just keep building. During scale up we help you to deploy bots as attended or unattended with concurrent execution of tasks. No restrictions. You will scale your digital workforce cost-effectively by employing highly flexible, optimized software robots that are easy to configure and work alongside human employees to enable rapid growth.

Business-wide Smart Automation

Your business has several mature enterprise automation applications but they don’t speak to one another and the cost of integration has left your business with a patchwork of systems that your employees and customers need to navigate before they can start delivering or experiencing value. With our Business-wide Smart Automation platform you can automate integrations between existing systems, applications, and workflows under a central automation platform without expensive hardware changes or development. You will also enable innovation and collaboration between IT and business teams by centralizing automation and connecting data with detailed analytics. And you will harness the power of big data with bots that extract, manipulate, and utilize data from sources on premise or in the cloud and then automatically write to a database, business application, or report.

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