With COVID the world works differently.
The use of Smart Tech is ACCELERATING.

What‘s holding you back?

The transition to working remotely was a forced transition. Not a planned one.

You’ve done the best you can, but you know that digitalization for remote work is more complex than the few adjustments you’ve made since March. Your interim transition system does not give you as much line of sight of your operations as they would like. You’re spending a lot of time on manual interventions to keep processes running, when you should be spending your time positioning for the new economy.

You know there are better ways to do it.

PetanqueNXT – Smart Technology

You’re asking yourself

Which Smart Tech is the best automation option for you? (Or even more fundamentally, what is considered Smart Tech?)
Can these technologies be implemented without interrupting operations and compromising the lifeline of the company?
Is it even an option right now when all efforts are focused on saving cost to preserve cash flow?

With all these questions you may have decided to postpone digital transformation plans till things settle down.

But here is the truth:

Your competitors are already taking action.


The digitalization landscape is complex and cluttered with options.

We will

  • be your guide to understand what is available and how Smart Tech is being used globally to move companies into the new economy, to save costs and to give them a competitive advantage; and
  • provide you with a simplified pathway for integrating Smart Tech into your business.

Gain productive time to focus on value-add projects instead of maintaining processes. Embrace smarter ways of working and ensure that you don’t fall behind your competitors who are also repositioning for the new economy.

Get onto the first rung of the ladder into the new digitized economy.

We’re here to help you do that.

PetanqueNXT – Smart Technology
PetanqueNXT – Smart Technology


Need a better tech understanding?

Our Smart Tech Crash Course gives you insight into the possibilities of Smart Tech to facilitate remote work and make it more productive. Dig deeper with our Smart Tech Masterclass or consider our 1:1 Exec Coaching option.

PetanqueNXT – Smart Technology


Not sure where to start?

Introduce Smart Tech into your operations in a simplified, non-disruptive manner with a process-based ROI assessment that points out where Smart Tech solutions can be tailored to your specific needs.

PetanqueNXT – Smart Technology


Know what you need?

If you already have a specific automation area in mind or you know what tech you need, let’s take you through a custom demo, or develop a Proof of Concept for you. Or go straight to one of our Smart Automation options.


Start your journey by watching this webinar

Running operations from home

Working remotely – is Smart Tech the answer?

Myths and Facts

about Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain and other Smart Tech Solutions for managing processes from a distance.

The business world works differently now, and the lockdowns aren’t over.

If you want to stay in the game, you’ve got to act now.

Don’t be caught short the second time around.

Your vital processes can’t wait till next year. Let’s make sure you don’t get left behind.

Book a call today to secure your slot with us.

Why Now?

The Future of Work became The Way We Work within the spate of only a few short months. Technology and digitalization have been embraced as enablers and new ways of working have become our new normal. That means that the Smart Tech train is starting to pull out of the station and there is no turning back.

The longer you wait to understand smarter ways of working, the more you’ll fall behind. That is just a fact given the rate at which technologies are being developed and adopted. What was seen as a distant future option 3 months ago, is now being implemented. That is how fast things are changing.

It only requires taking one step to change the trajectory of your digitalization.

Corporate Leaders reassessing market positioning

You’re in a demanding leadership position in a multinational corporation. COVID-19 and the economic downturn have you looking for efficiencies and cost savings in every corner of your shop. You want to use Smart Tech to streamline your operations and give you the market edge. You understand that this is key to pulling ahead in a highly competitive market. You just don’t have the time or the team to take the lead on this.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) finding a foothold

You head up a successful business with traction in the market. There is no doubt that you need to adjust much faster to the changing times than in the past. Fear and doubt are however gripping your team, making them resistant to changing how things have always been done. You also know that it’s a case of adapt or die, especially given the recent developments and the economic downturn.

Local Government seeking smarter ways to serve

You are a Team Lead in a local government department, tasked with growing the region’s economy and bringing fresh investment to the region. You are very clear that this is essential for your region not only to survive, but to thrive and boost national growth. The current economic downturn has created urgency – an opportunity – to get your team working much smarter and getting more done with less.

About Us

We create tomorrow’s businesses, today.

We believe in ethical Smart Tech that is considered, fit-for-purpose and keeps humans central in digitalization design. Our aim is to move businesses, cities and local government to Society 5.0: a super-SMART, human-centered integrated society that balances economic growth with environmental and social objectives.

We also know that business can be (too often unnecessarily) complicated. That’s why our mission is to create SIMPLIFIED pathways to business transformations, regardless of your outcome.

woman owned

PetanqueNXT – Smart Technology

Michélle Booysen, PhD

Lead: Strategy, Process & Blockchain Practice
Michélle’s focus is on simplifying complexity in business and 4th IR technologies through storyboard-style process architecture.

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